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Writing EALRs

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EALR 1: The student understands and uses a writing process.

1.1 — Prewrites to generate ideas and plan writing.
1.2 — Produces draft(s).
1.3 — Revises to improve text.
1.4 — Edits text.
1.5 — Publishes text to share with an audience.
1.6 — Adjusts writing process as necessary.

EALR 2: The student writes in a variety of forms for different audiences and purposes.

2.1 — Adapts writing for a variety of audiences.
2.2 — Writes for different purposes.
2.3 — Writes in a variety of forms/genres.
2.4 — Writes for career applications.

EALR 3: The student writes clearly and effectively.

3.1 — Develops ideas and organizes writing.
3.2 — Uses appropriate style.
3.3 — Knows and applies writing conventions appropriate for the grade level.

EALR 4: The student analyzes and evaluates the effectiveness of written work.

4.1 — Analyzes and evaluate others’ and own writing.
4.2 — Sets goals for improvement.



1: The student understands and uses a writing process. 1.1.1 Applies more than one strategy for generating ideas and planning writing. Generates ideas prior to organizing them * Uses a variety of prewriting strategies


1.2.1 Analyzes task and composes multiple drafts when appropriate a. Refers to prewriting plan. b. Drafts according to audience, purpose, and time.


d. Assesses draft and/or feedback,


1.4.1 Edits for conventions (see 3.3).


1.3.1 Revises text, including changing words, sentences, paragraphs, and ideas. Rereads work several times and has a different focus for each reading (e.g., first reading — looking for variety of sentence structure and length; second reading — checking for clarity and specific word choice; third reading — checking for layers of elaboration). f. Evaluates and justifies the choice to use feedback in revisions (e.g., “I don’t want to change this because …”).


3.1.1 Analyzes ideas, selects a manageable topic, and elaborates using specific, relevant details and/or examples.


3.1.2 Analyzes and selects effective organizational structure.


2.1.1 Applies understanding of multiple and varied audiences to write effectively .2.2.1 Demonstrates understanding of different purposes for writing.