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Reading EALRs

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RC: Comprehension RA: Analysis RCT: Critical Thinking

Monitoring Comprehension
RC2.1.3 Main Idea
RC1.3.2 Vocabulary
RC1.2.2 Word Meaning
RC1.4 2Word recognition
RC1.4.3 Reading Rates

Making Connections/ Accessing Background Knowledge
RC2.1.4 Prior knowledge
RC2.2 Text Structures
R CT2.4.6 Analyze: compare/contrast concepts texts

Raising Questions
RC2.1.5 Infer
RC2.1.6 Generate questions / answers
RA2.3.1 Similarities/Differences; Cause/Effect

Determining Importance/ Pursuing Purpose
RC2.1.3 Main Idea/Detail
RC2.1.5 Infer
RA2.3.1 Similarities/Differences; Cause/Effect
RA2.3.2 Analyze for topic and purpose

Inferring & Synthesizing
RC2.1.5 Infer
RC2.1.7 Summarize
RA2.3.2 Analyze topic/purpose
RA2.3.4 Synthesize/conclude
RCT2.4.1 Conclusions
RCT2.4.5 Generalize
RCT2.4.6 Compare/Contrast themes across texts

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