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What documents will help you be successful with your project?

 Student Question Teacher Question EALR Document
 Is there a general checklist to guide me through the project? How can I help students to manage their project requirements? W 2.2.1 Write to Learn

 PBL Checklist
 How do I find my question? How do I scaffold student's initial refining of their question? WCOS 1.1 Gather Ideas  CCC Think Sheet
Consider, Connect, Contemplate
 How do I know what to research? How do I scaffold student's research question and terms? WCOS 1.1 Gather IdeasKWHW sheet What do I know? Want to know? Hypothesize, Where do I search (key words)
How do I get my question approved? How do I manage student choices? WCOS 1.1 Gather IdeasW_ Proposal Code Topic 
How do I track my own progress towards learning and finishing my project? How do I help students choose, clarify, and evaluate their goals for improvement in process and product? RE 4.1
 Students create their own form; see Explore Progress Directions
 How do I inform my teacher of my progress? How do I manage student progress towards goals in process and product?RE 4.1
Daily (or as directed) Login

Teacher Dashboard
 How do I choose and evaluate my sources?  How do I scaffold students' evaluation of appropriate websites and sources?RC 3.1.1 Read to learn - evaluate information 
RC2.2.2 Text Components
RCT2.4.3 Evaluate Validity/Bias
What? Text? Valid? √Use

Google Lesson: Validity
 How do I save my sources? How do I help students take notes, tag, and save their resources?

RC 2.1. Demonstrate evidence of reading comprehension
Use Google Bookmark to bookmark your search. Remember to use labels -- code name and topic. 
 How do I remember my main ideas and details? How do I summarize my learning? How do I help students demonstrate evidence of main ideas, details? How do I help them write their learning in their own words? RC 2.1.3 Main Idea/Detail
RC 2.1.7 Summarize
RCT 2.4.5 Determine importance
Cornell Notes 
 How do I clarify what I'm learning? How do I help students explain their ideas, clarify them, and develop further understandings in their own words? RCT 2.4.5 Determine importance
RCT 2.4.1 Draw conclusions
Use the AEIOU Think Sheet   for peer sharing
 How can I find an issue to solve? How do I scaffold students' thinking towards an issue related to their topic?RCT 2.4.5 Determine importance
RCT 2.4.1 Draw conclusions
RCT2.4.5 Generalize
 Issue Think Sheet 
 How do I target my issue and solution?  How do I scaffold student thinking towards a relevant target issue and solution?RCT 2.4.5 Determine importance
RC2.1.7 Summarize
RCT 2.4.1 Draw conclusions
RCT2.4.5 Generalize 
Use the Target Sheet  
 How do I choose and write a persuasive letter? How do I help students write a persuasive letter about the solution to their issue or about recognizing their issue?WP1 Writing Process
2.1 — Adapts writing for a variety of audiences.
2.2 — Writes for different purposes.
2.3 — Writes in a variety of forms/genres.
2.4 — Writes for career applications.
EALR 3: The student writes clearly and effectively.
3.1 — Develops ideas and organizes writing.
3.2 — Uses appropriate style.
3.3 — Knows and applies writing conventions appropriate for the grade level.
EALR 4: The student analyzes and evaluates the effectiveness of written work. 
Refer back to and add to:

Persuasive Strategies: Presentation  Bears

 How do I investigate a career in science? How do I scaffold a research of possible careers according to student interests?     Science Inquiry 2 APPS -- Career Investigation; Includes reading / writing EALRS as wellCareer Directions and Documents 
 How do I conduct a science experiment? How do I help students follow the investigative process? Science 2 Inquiry
How do I write my final paper for the exhibit?
 How do I scaffold the writing of the final summary of the project? See Writing EALRs above

How do I show evidence that I have prepared, planned, researched, documented, analyzed, and persuaded? How do I guide students to evaluate how well they understand the concepts they are researching?Rubric Meaning --Reading EALRS 
 How do I show my evidence that I have completed a thorough and professional letter, display, and presentation?How do I guide students to understand what is a thorough and professional letter, display, and presentation? RICO Evaluate My  RICO