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Frost Action Lab


Sheri Edwards

Frost Action

Grade 8



Research Question

What effect does freezing temperatures have on water?


The water bottle will expand and the lid will pop off.



Completely fill a plastic bottle with water, getting all the air out and capping the bottle tightly. Place the bottle in a plastic bag. Put the bag and bottle into a freezer over night.



The next day the bottle had bulged out on one side.



The freezing temperatures turned the water from a liquid into a solid. When water turned to a solid, it expanded and took up more space so the plastic bottle had to bulge. The hypothesis was correct, although the cap did not pop off. The experiment could be done again, this time making sure all the air is out of the bottle.



In the real world, water gets into pavement. The water freezes and expands, breaking the pavement and creating potholes. To prevent this, perhaps the top of the roads could be made smoother with less holes so less water would get in. Keep heavier vehicles on special roads, not on regular streets. Put drains a system of capilary drainage tubes to collect and drain the water. Put protective coats on roads to keep water out. Put a heating system in the roads.