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Earth’s Embroidery

By Solomon Ibn Gabirol

With the ink of its showers and rains
With the quill of its lightning, with the
Hand of its clouds, winter wrote a letter
Upon the garden, in purple and blue
No artist could conceive the like of that.
And this is why the earth, grown
Jealous of the sky, embroidered stars in 
The folds of the flower beds.

What document do I use for my project?

Where do i get my sources?

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More Sources based on current topics

How do I ask a good question?


Know, Want to know, Hypothesize, Where

Check relevance and validity of sources

Each source; Notes/Summaries/Issues/Solutions

A Peer Sharing Think Sheet

Evaluate conclusions / Solutions

Writing Rubrics

Writing Resources

Science Resources

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Process Learning Goals

Most of your grade will be the process you follow to plan and document your investigation. 

Habits of Mind Goals

Part of your grade will be for Habits of Mind goals you set. Habits of Mind are those thinking and action strategies that help you refine and complete your investigation. You will be expected to:

Refine: Gather information from multiple sources to analyze and define your question. Research to answer your question. Define an issue related to your topic that relates to you or your community.

Invent: Analyse the information and draw conclusions about the topic to input your own ideas, generalizations, and solutions to the issue related to your question.

Connect: Determine your connection to the issue and an audience to whom you can persuade to recognize the issues involved and present solutions you may have that might help.

Own: Commit yourself to a thorough investigation of the topic and evaluate your process and product. Create a presentation of which you are proud.

Rubric:  RICO Project Reflection

Resources:  Habits of Mind  Work Ethics Habits of Mind

Content Goals

Projects will involve reading, writing, presentation, communication, science, social studies, and math goals and grades. 

While completing a project like this, you will do the work of researchers, scientists, authors, speakers, mathematicians, and historians.