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Fact/Myth Investigation

  1. Research a myth/current claim


  1. Historical Concept Investigation

  1. Research the historical development of a theory or concept  in science (structure of atom, climate change, seasons, ocean currents )

EALR 3 Application ( APP )

Work individually and collaboratively to produce a product of their own design.

 Work with other members of a team to apply the full process of technological design, combined with relevant science concepts, to solve problems. 

Define a problem, conduct research on how others have solved similar problems, generate possible solutions, test the design, and communicate the results. 

The process of technological design begins by 

  • defining a problem / issue
  • identifying criteria for a successful solution
  • followed by research to better understand the problem and 
  • brainstorming to arrive at potential solutions

Follow the  process in EXPLORE.

Defining your issue:  Issue Think Sheet