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EALR 2: Inquiry (INQ)

Questioning and Investigating

  • Revise questions to be answered scientifically.
  • Design an appropriate investigation to answer the question and carry out the study. 
  • Think critically and logically to make connections between prior science knowledge and evidence produced from investigations. 
  • Work well in collaborative teams and communicate the procedures and results of their investigations.
  • Critique findings of own and others' work.

For an experiment to be valid, all (controlled) variables must be kept the same whenever possible, except for themanipulated (independent) variable being tested and the responding (dependent) variable being measured and recorded. If a variable cannot becontrolled, it must be reported and accounted for.

Plan and conduct a controlled experiment to test a hypothesis about a relationship between two variables. *c Determine which variables should be kept the same (controlled), which (independentvariable should be systematically manipulated, and which responding (dependent) variable is to be measured and recorded. Report any variables not controlled andexplain how they might affect results.

Lab Report (Click for template)

1. Research Topic:
2. Background Research:
3. Research Question:
4. Hypothesis:
5. Materials:
6. Variables
Independent / Manipulated:
Dependent / Responding:
Others that may affect results:
7. Procedures:
8. Data Tables:
9. Observations
10. Results:
11. Conclusions
12: Summary of Findings:


Final Summary Lab abstract and template.