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Career Research

  1. Study three particular careers which applies science knowledge or skills 


What science career interests you?

Does it fit with your interests?

Research to discover a career that you will love.

EALR 3 Application ( APP )

Investigate professions in which science and technology are required so they can learn how the abilities they are developing in school are valued in the world of work

Overview of Career Project

Step One: Gather Ideas and Find your Interests

List 10 to 15 activities and subjects that you really enjoy.

Take interest surveys. Discover your interests and jobs that match you.

Dig Deeper and research three jobs.

What jobs fit your personality and interests?

Step Two: Look for possibilities that fit you!

Make a list of careers related to science that interests you.

Investigate three jobs that fit your interests.

Step Three: Job Review: A Fit for You

Analyze the best choice for you.
Hypothesize how the job benefits you and your community.
Determine an issue related to your job.


Step Four: Analysis 

Explain your analysis of the best science job for you.
Prepare your presentation and conclusion
  1. about the job, the issue, your community, and you
Write a persuasive letter to a leader in the community about the need for this type of job or an issue related to it.


Step Five: Project Display

Final Report
Career Abstract

To love what you

do and feel that

it matters–

how could anything

be more fun?

-Katharine Graham

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Research Documents

Step One:

Step Two:
Choose One:
Option One: Career Research Document (login and make a copy)
Option Two: Alternative Career Research Document (login and make a copy)

Step Three: Compare and Choose:

Step Four: Analyze, Evaluate, Present

Persuasive Letter (See Explore for more resources)

Step Five: Project Display

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