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As a student at our school, you will be required to complete a personal persuasive project with a display in a school science fair. 

Your task is to pursue an area of interest to you and to others to learn and understand the information and issues, and prepare a solution or recognition of the issue that persuades a leader outside of school to understand your solution or to recognize the issue.

Both investigations and research investigations are choices. 

Science investigations also include research for background information.  

Research investigations are also intriguing as you research the data already investigated by others. 

Building a model of something (a demonstration project) with background explanations also include interesting topics.

Each type of project require different expectations, which will be explained; however, all projects will include the following:

Envision: What topic will you study? What question will you answer? On what issue will you propose a plan?

Exploration: Explore Gooru / to discover your question’s answer and propose a plan to recognize or solve an issue.

Exhibition: Display your process and product, results and conclusions, issue investigation and solution or recognition.

Evaluation: Evaluate your progress (process and content) in a daily OWN  (online writing notebook).

love to wonder,
and that
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Ralph Waldo Emerson

Project Choices

Career Research

  1. Study three particular careers which applies science knowledge or skills 

Fact/Myth Investigation

  1. Research a myth/current claim

  1. Historical Concept Investigation

  1. Research the historical development of a theory or concept  in science (structure of atom, climate change, seasons, ocean currents )

Experimental Investigation

  1. Research, plan, conduct, evaluate, report on a hypothesis  (an experiment -- the classical science fair project)


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