Science Fair 

The final product displays your question/answer, process, issues, conclusions, solutions/recognitions. 

The product for the science fair can be a tri-fold display, a slide presentation, a video presentation, a website, or a lab report on a mini tri-fold. 

For regular size tri-folds, your font size should be 24 pt. 

For mini tri-folds, your font size should be 14 pt. font. 

You must have at least five different sources (websites, books, etc.) for your project.

Attendance at Evening Fair

You are strongly encouraged to attend and present at the science fair. 

If you cannot attend, you must provide an audio  / video explanation to accompany your display, which is required.

Required Resources

Project Site: http://ppp.nsdeagles.org   

Google Apps, Gooru Learning, Google Bookmark

Sample Projects

Sample Projects

Think About--

Refine, Invent, Connect, Own

Process and Product

Create, Contribute, Communicate, Connect, Consider, Collaborate & Curate

Deportment and Perseverance

Commit, Communicate, Collaborate, Consider, Complete, Contemplate

Sample Projects

An Element  Fact Investigation Site

Survey Research Site

You can create a similar project in Google Sites