• What topic will you study? 
  • What question will you answer? 
  • On what issue will you propose a plan?

Consider these four types of projects:

  1. Career Research: Study three particular careers which applies science knowledge or skills
  2. Fact/Myth Investigation: Research a myth/current claim
  3. Historical Concept Investigation: Research the historical development of a theory or concept  in science (structure of atom, climate change, seasons, ocean currents )
  4. Experimental Investigation: Research, plan, conduct, evaluate, report on a hypothesis  (an experiment -- the classical science fair project)

You will:
Gather ideas and choose a topic question. 
Hypothesize an answer. 
Contemplate related issues. 
Write a proposal for approval.




In your journal in class, brainstorm ideas that interest you. Think of who else would be interested.

Make a table-- use the prewrite CCC Think Sheet

Use the KWHW sheet to guide you: Answer these key questions. Remember to make your own copy.
What do you know?
What do you want to know?
What do you hypothesize you will find -- your answer now?
Where will you look?


Now that you have a question, write a proposal for your project. Think about the four choices for a project, and choose the one that fits your topic.

Answer these questions in complete sentences in a Google Doc named W_ Proposal Code Topic in your Project folder.

Your proposal answers (copy/paste or use the link to make a copy):
What's your main question?
What other questions support it?
What do you already know?
Why is this important to you?
With whom will you share?
What final project do you envision?
Share with your teacher for approval.

Submit to your teacher for approval.